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Starting a long day

Early Saturday mornings are not my favorite, but today started at 6am. My oldest daughter is in quarantine in New York so that she may start classes on time at UAlbany. I will be heading up to Albany this week to bring the items that she could not bring when we brought her last week. […]

I Actually Miss My Morning Commute

It has now been six weeks that everyone has been stuck at home.  Stores are closed and businesses have locked their doors.  The COVID-19 virus has struck the world with a vengeance.  There have been over one million cases reported within the United States resulting in over 56,000 deaths.  In the State of New York […]

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Scores a Touchdown

For those of us that are fans of the New England Patriots we already know that Owner, Robert Kraft has done some amazing things and has donated millions of his own to help out those in need.  Even if you don’t like the New England Patriots, but are a fan of another NFL team, you […]

Two Weeks at Home…

It has now been two weeks that I have been working from home.  Two weeks. I am one of the fortunate ones that have a job where I am able to do my job from my home office, so I really can’t complain.  I feel for all of those throughout the country that have lost […]

Coronavirus Travel Ban, How will it effect us?

OK, so last night President Trump announced that there will be a 30 day suspension of all flights from Europe to the US excluding Great Britain.  In the long run, how will this effect the worldwide economy?  I am dreading to see what the Stock Market will look like when it opens on Thursday, March […]