Starting a Long Day (part 2)
By: Admin
Published: Aug 17, 2020

When I last left you I had already got my truck back with the new tires. The shop that I took it to had great prices and even matched the price that Walmart was selling the tires for ($30 less each). Once I was done, I had actually saved $120 over the quote that I originally received from them.

I was impressed that they had all of the work done in about an hour, so my wife and I went back and picked up my truck without any issues at all. The new tires ride great and are extremely smooth on the highway, where I do most of my traveling.

Why Are We Having a Covid Test done?

The reason that I had new tires put on my truck is 1. It needed them and 2. We are driving the truck to bring my daughter’s belongings to her in Albany, NY. My daughter has had to quarantine in NY for 14 days before she is allowed to move into her dorm due to the fact that the state we live in (RI) was placed on the high risk list for NY. The worst part is that we dropped my daughter off at the hotel where the University is having those students on this list quarantine on a Sunday, and on Tuesday, our state was taken off of the list. But because she was brought to New York when our state was on the high-risk list, she had to stay and complete the quarantine. I know, it really doesn’t make sense. It is like these states are playing Calvinball and are making the rules up as they go. (If you do not know what Calvinball is, check out the comicstrip “Calvin and Hobbs” and you will get a better understanding.).


Once she is done with the fourteen day quarantine, she is able to move into her dorm, that is where the Covid test for us comes in.

In order for my wife and I to go onto the UAlbany campus, we are required to have a negative Covid test done and not have any symptoms, which I can truly understand. So we are off to have the test done.

Getting the Test Done.

OK, so let’s get back to this. It is now time for us to go get the tests done. My wife, younger daughter and I hop in my truck for the 20ish minute ride to Lincoln Urgent Care in Lincoln, RI. My wife had scheduled appointments for us at 12:15PM.

When we arrive in the lot, we have to call and let them know that we are there and wait for someone to come out and get us. After about 5 minutes, a young woman dressed head to toe is protective gear reminiscent of Marty McFly when he crash the Delorian in “Back to the Future”. She asked if anyone in the vehicle has had any symptoms, which we haven’t and then she led us into a separate entrance in the building.

Each of us had our temperatures taken and asked typical medical questions (allergies, medicines taken, etc) and then it was time to have the test done… this was the part that made me hesitate a bit.

My wife went first. The young woman took out a swab that was about 6-8 inches long from a plastic tube. She then stuck the long swab up each of my wife’s nostrils until she winced. I knew my wife was in discomfort, but she held it in so not to scare my younger daughter.

My daughter wanted to go next and I could tell that she was terrified at that point. So I went over with her and held her hand while my wife was telling her that it did not hurt. The same procedure was done to her, she winced, and had a few tears come down her face as the fear subsided.

Now it was my turn…

I am not going to lie, even though both my wife and daughter had the test done and were reassuring me that it did not hurt, I was worried. Not so much for the pain, but due to the fact that I have had issues with severe bloody noses throughout my life. We when I say severe, I don’t mean some blood trickling out of my nose, I mean blood gushing out of both nostrils for a period of time to the point of almost having to be hospitalized. I informed the young woman of this issue and she assured me that of all of the tests that she had done, not one has resulted in anyone receiving a bloody nose.

So, here we go… As she inserted the swab into my nose and into my upper sinus cavity there was a burning sensation and when she reached the proper depth in my sinuses to get the sample, it was uncomfortable, but in no way painful.

After the sample was retrieved and the swab was removed, there was some discomfort for about five minutes. After that it felt as though salt water was splashed up my nose (The way that you feel when you get hit by a large wave and the water goes up your nose.).

Once the test was done, I had the same feeling as you get after having a shot done at the Doctor’s Office… “That was it…”

So now we have to wait for the results to come in, which we have been told could take 2-3 days. I am not worried about the results due to the fact that we have pretty-much been staying home and nobody in the house has shown any of the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.