Coronavirus Travel Ban, How will it effect us?
By: Admin
Published: Mar 12, 2020

OK, so last night President Trump announced that there will be a 30 day suspension of all flights from Europe to the US excluding Great Britain.  In the long run, how will this effect the worldwide economy?  I am dreading to see what the Stock Market will look like when it opens on Thursday, March 12.

Although the travel ban, in my opinion, is a good idea, I think that it would have been a better idea three weeks ago when people were just starting to get sick in the United States.  Now that there are thousands of cases in the US, the travel ban is like a band-aid on an amputation, it most-likely will not do any good.

Right now, what is concerning me most is that this country is on the very edge of hysteria.  The newsmedia is sensationalizing this beyond belief.  People are so scared that they are not using common sense in their day-to-day lives and have become zombies to what the media and even worse, Social Media is telling them to do.  There are actually people who have been injured due to listening to “cures” that have been posted on Social Media.  Here are the only definitive prevention methods that the CDC has announced.  WASH YOU HANDS!  Everyone has been taught that since kindergarten, warm water, soap and wash for the length of the alphabet song (or which ever you choose.).  If you are sick, STAY HOME!  If you have a fever, do not leave your home, very simple.

  • The Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, not a stomach virus so you really shouldn’t be hoarding toilet paper.
  • As far as I know, most people should have a faucet somewhere in their home so you really shouldn’t have to buy 30 gallons of bottled water.
  • Masks, hand sanitizers and such are great if YOU have the virus, it can help to prevent you from spreading the illness.  If you do not have the virus, you really do not need to corner the market on surgical masks that hospitals need for patent care.
  • Shouldn’t you already have antibacterial soap in your home?  If not, how have you been washing your hands so that you do not get the annual strain of flu that hits the US and millions get every year?

This outbreak is scary, no so much for the virus, but for how society has reacted.  Don’t get me wrong, the Coronavirus is nasty, but unless you have an underlying health issue, you be very sick, with flu-like symptoms for 7-10 day, but you will get better.

As I said earlier in this post, the media and social media are so dialed into the doom and gloom of the virus that nobody is reporting that over 60,000 people have had a positive result for the Coronavirus and have recovered completely.  So, use your head and if you do get sick, follow instructions, get plenty of fluids and rest, stay home and you will feel better in a week to ten days.