Unbelievable Day In Providence

Today was definitely an interesting, if not strange, day here in Rhode Island.

I want to start by explaining that Rhode Island is generally a quiet state.  By saying that I mean that not much really happens here.  We do have an occasional political scandal or a major storm becomes a disruption, but generally it is quiet.

On Thursday, November 8, 2017, this changed.

The morning commute was just like any other commute.  Traffic was backed up and people were more interested in talking on their cell phones than paying attention to the traffic around them.  At about 9AM, I Rhode Island State Trooper was transporting a prisoner to Providence for a court hearing.  En route to the courthouse the Trooper came upon an accident and stopped to be some assistance.  When the Trooper exited his vehicle at the accident scene, the prisoner in the back seat was able to escape his handcuffs, get into the front seat and drive off with the State Trooper’s patrol car.

Cranston and Providence Police later found the cruiser on Vineland St in the City of Providence.  The vehicle was abandoned and the now escaped prisoner was not to be found.  All firearms and police property were still in the cruiser.

Just before 11AM in the City of Cranston, Rhode Island, which boarders Providence to the south, there was a report of a high-speed chase Northbound on RI10 heading towards downtown Providence.  RISP, Providence and Cranston Police were in pursuit of a white Ford F-250 pickup truck with two occupants.  The truck had struck several vehicles, including Police.

The chase came to a halt in front of the Providence Place Mall on an onramp to Interstate 95 North.  When Police ordered the driver to exit the truck, he reversed into several Police vehicles and forward into a civilian’s vehicle.  At this point, Providence and Rhode Island State Police fired thirteen shots into the cab of the truck.  Critically wounding the female passenger and killing the male driver.

At this time, there has been no reason why the pickup truck fled from police or would not obey they commands.  It is not known why the driver stuck police and civilian vehicle which lead to his being shot by Police.

Police has still not located the escaped prisoner, but do Rhode Island State Police do know him and they expect to have him back in custody shortly.

Like said at the beginning of this post, this does not happen int Rhode Island.  This usually happens in Houston, Los Angeles or other big cities throughout the country.

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