T’was the weekend before Christmas

Well here it is the weekend before Christmas. The girls are at church tonight, practicing for the epiphany pageant. Leigh is up at Smithfield Commons finishing up any last-minute shopping.
The girls are so excited for the holiday coming up. Jessica can barely contain herself.
Our holiday schedule is pretty full we will be making the rounds to all the relatives houses, but Christmas Day is spent here. This is one tradition that my father passed down to me. I think that the girls should be able to spend Christmas Day playing with the toys and gifts that Santa Claus brought them into not going to a relatives house to watch them play with the toys that were brought to them.
We Usually have a big dinner of, as the girl say, roast beast. The girls then have all afternoon to play with their new toys games etc.
One thing that I also brought as a tradition in our family is that there are no rules on Christmas Day. The girls do not get in trouble for being loud or messy. This is quickly remedied on the day after Christmas.
so with Christmas Day only six days away, our family is finishing up with the last minute things. I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas in the safest and prosperous of New Year’s.