Staying Positive

Published: July 14, 2016 by: admin

Shootings, Terrorist Attacks, failing economy… Negativity is all around us today and it is damaging our health and our lives.

I have always considered myself a positive person throughout my life.  I have always looked for the good in everyone and in any situation and there usually was one.  I have noticed that lately I have not been doing this.  I have been thinking how is this person going to try to screw me or how is this situation going to get worse…

As I have gotten older, some situations have scarred me, but those are in the past and there is nothing that I can do about them.

I am not as happy as I used to be.  I have realized that and have sat down to take inventory of my life to see why I have been so negative lately.

  • I have a wonderful wife… No, can’t be that.
  • I have two healthy and beautiful teenaged daughters… No, can’t be that.
  • I have two dogs that would lick the skin off of my face, if I let them.  No, can’t be that.
  • A nice home, a good job, a new truck…  It can’t be any of those.

Then why?  Why have I been so negative lately? I really don’t have a good reason.  Past history is not a reason.  Although situations that have happened in my life sucked really bad, I cannot dwell on them, that will not help because there is nothing that I can do about them.  Maybe it is easier to be a negative person than to look and find the positive in a situation.

That is why I have decided to try to be the same happy and positive person that I was when I was younger.  I am not going to let life’s little “situations” dictate how I feel and react to others.  Is this going to be easy??? probably not, but for me to be the person that I used to be and to be the person that I WANT to be, I have to do it.