Spring Has Sprung

Published: April 20, 2015 by: admin

tulipsIf you live in New England you will understand the title of this post.  Not since cavemen hunted for Saber-Tooth Tiger has there been a worse Winter on record than we went through this year.  The City of Boston recorded over 100″ of snow this year…  I know Buffalo, you guys got that in three days at the beginning of the Winter.  On top of the record-snowfall, was record cold.  I live in North-western Rhode Island and on an average Winter we will have two, maybe three nights where the temperature goes below zero.  This winter we recorded 17 mornings with sub-zero temperatures.  And this went well into the month of March.

But this is now April.  We should be seeing flowers budding, bees flying and the birds singing…  Shouldn’t we?

This weekend changed it all.  With temperatures Saturday in the upper 70’s and Sunday in the mid-60’s, this had to be the nicest weather we have had since last October.

People were outside working in their yards to reverse the damage that this Winter has wrought on this region.  Grass seed and fertilizer were being applied, the sound of rakes and leaf blowers echoed throughout neighborhoods and the sweet sounds of children playing outside filled the air.  In the evening, the smell of BBQ filled the air. Whether it was steak, hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken…  It smelled AWESOME.

As the Summer starts to roll in, these type of days will become more numerous and you will not notices the yard work or the kids playing or maybe even the BBQ.  That is why the first nice weather weekend of Spring is so important each year.