PRO TIP – Using two forms of payment on Amazon

Posted on: January 10, 2019 at 2:06 pm

Hi everyone. This is the first installment of my “PRO TIP” series that I will be running on this blog. PRO TIP will be short, work-arounds for small problems that you may find it hard to get a solution.

Today’s PRO TIP is a result of me receiving an AMEX gift card for Christmas. I wanted to use this card to make a purchase on Amazon. I loaded the products that I wanted to purchase into my shopping cart and proceeded to the checkout. At this point I realized that my purchase was more than the AMEX card had on it. I went to use the AMEX card, but I could not find a way to make a partial payment with the AMEX card and put the remainder on my Credit Card.

I went and contacted Amazon’s Customer Service through chat to see how I could purchase the product I wanted with both the AMEX card and my Credit Card. By-the-way, if you have never contacted Amazon’s Customer Service, they are INCREDIBLE! I have had several small issues over the past year and their reps had it resolved very quickly. They are very polite and do not try to BS you in anyway.

Anyway, the Amazon CSR apologized and let me know that at this time, making a payment with two different credit cards was not possible. The only way to do partial payment was to apply an Amazon Gift Card and then pay the remainder with a credit card.

I was disappointed because the product that I wanted to purchase was $30 cheaper on Amazon than in stores. So I started to think, I know, that is scary…

So what I did was, through Amazon, I added funds to my accounts Gift Card. I used the AMEX gift card to pay for it (TIP: When Amazon processes a credit
card they issue a $1.00 hold on the card to make sure that it is valid. Once they receive approval for that, they then process the full price of your order. So, if you are using a $100 Gift Card to purchase an Amazon Gift Card, the maximum amount you can purchase is $99. My purchase was declined until I figured this out.) It takes about 30 minutes before my Gift Card balance reflected the purchase amount.

Once the amount was showing on my Amazon profile, I went to the Amazon checkout, used the amount that was on my Amazon Gift Card balance towards this purchase. The remainder of the purchase was placed on my credit card.

Needless to say, the transaction went through without a hitch and my merchandise is in the process of being shipped.

So that is my first PRO TIP, let me know if this helped you in anyway. If you have any ideas for future PRO TIP blogs, please send me a message through my CONTACT page or leave a comment below.

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