Planning a Family Vacation

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog.  Sorry, since the girls and my wife have gone back to school, it has been nucking futts at my house.

Between Soccer, Volleyball, school meetings, staff meetings and occasional doctor visits, I think that I’ve been able to sit in front of the computer for about 15 minutes since September 1st…

The weather is starting to cool down here in New England and we are starting to get ready for Winter.  I know, I can’t believe that I actually just typed that word.  Hard to believe, but at the time that I am typing this blog, there are only 79 days left until Christmas!!!

Right now we are trying to plan a Walt Disney World vacation for Spring, but are not having much luck.  Prices this year are beyond ridiculous.  We normally go in February, but school systems in Rhode Island are currently doing away with February Vacations (The town in which I live did this last year.).  So we have no choice than to go later in the Spring.

The last time that we went to Orlando was in February of 2014, right now, the cost of us going in the Spring is almost $1,800.00 MORE than it was in 2014.  It is to the point now that we may not be able to go again this year due to the obscene price increases that Disney has instituted.

Park tickets for 6 days with Park Hopper option in 2014 cost us $1,375.00, this year, Park Hopper tickets for 4 days will cost us $1,745.00!!!  THAT IS AN INCREASE OF $400 FOR 2 LESS DAYS!!!

We stayed at Pop Century Resort when we went in 2014 and it was $114/night.  This year, Pop Century will cost us $177/ a night… $63 more a night or $441 for a 7 night stay (Plus the Resort is under construction).

To add injury to insult or basically taking it up the pooper without a kiss from Disney, their Disney Dining Plan which consists of 1 sit-down meal, 1 quick service meal and two snacks per day would cost us $1,700 for the week…

The airlines are not much better for flying into Orlando International Airport.  We flew on JetBlue in 2014 and to tell you the truth, we thought that Southwest was a cleaner plane and a more friendly staff, that being said, prices this year on both airlines are ridiculous.  A flight from T.F. Green in Warwick, RI (PVD) to Orlando International (MCO) is averaging in the $140-$160 range and the return flights are int the $220-$260 range…  Can anyone tell me why in costs almost twice as much to fly from Florida to Rhode Island?

Our other option is to take my daughters out of school in February for 5 days.  Both of them are “A” students and rarely miss a day of school, but I am not sure what the blowback of them missing 5 school days would be.  If anyone knows, please email or message me.

There are a couple of reasons that we are trying so hard to get down there this year.  First, the last time that we went down to Orlando was right after my Father passed away.  I want my daughters to remember Florida as a fun, family vacation spot and not what the last thing we did.  Second, my oldest daughter is now in High School and will shortly start working and saving for College, not long after that my youngest daughter will be in the same situation and there is not too many more chances for all of us to take a family vacation, so I would like for this one to be a good one.

I am hoping that Disney comes out with some sort of room and ticket deal that would make it more affordable for us to go in the Spring.  I know that they just came out with specials that are good from January 1, 2017 to March 30, 2017.

Whatever the case, we will figure a way to get to Florida in the Spring, hopefully as an awesome family vacation that my girls will remember for the rest of their lives!