Painting – Using Layers

Background, Foreground and Subject…  Using these three layers will help your painting pop.  Painting with acrylics does have some limitations.  Blending colors with acrylics can be quite difficult so using layers will allow you to add depth to your project.


Once your have decided what you want to create whether a still-life, landscape or something from your imagination.  Take a moment to look and see how the layers work together to give they subject depth.  The background of your image should be slightly blurred in the same way that photographers use BOKEH or Depth of field which allows the image to have that 3 dimension illusion.


Once your background is done and completely dried, you will want to paint your subject.  This is the main focus of your work.  Whether a building, stream, person or whatever you are creating, your subject will stand out with a nice background and a vivid subject.


Foreground is the act of placing something that would be in front of your main subject.  Although not 100% necessary in all paintings, it does give another layer of depth. When I paint landscape, I will either place bushes or trees in the foreground to add depth to the image.

When you decide what you are going to paint, experiment with layers and try different styles that work for you.  You will find a style and technique that works best for you.