Nike Air Monarch IV Sneakers are Junk!!!

Published: June 30, 2015 by: admin

nikeWhatever you do, do not purchase Nike “Air Monarch” sneakers.  These sneakers are the biggest pieces of garbage that I have ever owned.  I purchased the pair that I currently have back in February, 2015.  I wear sneakers every day and having diabetes, I have to be very careful of the shoes that I wear.  Kohl’s is where I purchased my sneakers for about $50.

I have now had the sneakers for four months and they squeak…  I mean like clown shoes.  I tried using talcum powder and it stopped the squeak in my left shoe, but the right one is just as bad as before.

I went on the internet and did a search for this problem and there were several articles about it dating back to 2013 and how Nike knew of this problem.

Below is directly from the Nike website:


Sep 17, 2013
HORRIBLE SQUEAK!!! UGGGHHH I tried these shoes on at the store and they are some of the most comfortable shoes I have worn just loved them. A week later they started developing a noise as if you were rubbing wet rubber gloves together, it started low but now after only a little over a week they are horrendous!! I so upset I have to return them, and just cannot believe how loud they are. The noise completely overshadowed such a great shoe. This issue needs to be addressed!


Aug 6, 2013
,Cockeysville, MD, USA
Shoes are comfortable but they squeak all the time. I use them for work and customers get a good laugh over it. I want a refund or replacement
There are actually videos on YouTube of how to fix the problems… (They don’t work).
This will be the last time I purchase any Nike brand products.