NFL Championship Game Isn’t SUPER

Published: February 3, 2017 by: admin

It’s finally here.  After two weeks of relentless media thoughts, theories and speculation.  The NFL Championship game is on Sunday.  Notice how we didn’t use the “official” name of the game.  Why?  Because it is copy written and the NFL which owns the copy-write has threatened legal action against anyone who uses the name without specific written authorization.  I guess that we could say something like “S*p*r Bowl”, but that looks stupid.  I guess we could also beat around the bush and mention something like a Super ball in a Bowl, but I doubt many will get that.

I find it hard to believe that a multi-billion dollar company such as the NFL would threaten legal action on small blogs and media such as this just for using the name of their Championship Game…  Then again, they did fine the New England Patriots $1 million, take away a 1st round draft pick and suspend the greatest Quarterback of all time for a phenomenon that occurs naturally in cold weather.  For this fact alone, I will continue to call this the NFL Championship game, I can’t afford to take a chance.