Waiting for some Lightning Storms

lightningOn average, the end of May and through the month of June here in Rhode Island is the strongest chance of strong to severe thunderstorms throughout the year.  This has not been the case over the past couple of years though. We usually get 1-2 “Severe” storms and then about 6-12 strong storms in the area.  But the past two years, we have not had any severe storms and only 3 or 4 strong storms.

For some reason, the storms roar through Connecticut and once they hit the Rhode Island line, they either dissipate or split in two where one storm goes to the North and the other to the South.

I find this very frustrating due to the fact there is nothing like a big Summer afternoon thunderstorm to put some excitement into the day.  Storms usually cool down the temperature and the ozone that is emitted from the lightning, clears the air of allergins and other particles that make it difficult for those with breathing problems.

Now mind you, I do not want to see anyone get hurt or anyone’s property damaged, but a good light show in the sky makes for some fun entertainment.  Not to mention the adrenline rush that you get when you see lightning and get that loud crash of thunder at the same time or pretty close (One Mississippi…  Two Mississippi…).

Summertime thunderstorms were a thing of my childhood.  I remember sitting on the open sided cement porch of my childhood home with my Father watching the clouds roll in from the Northwest and counting the time between lightning and thunder to try to determine in the storm was coming closer or missing us.  Times that I wish that I could do again.