I Refuse to Let Her Grow Up

Published: April 18, 2016 by: admin

How did this happen?  Just yesterday I was hearing “Daddy, do you want to play Legos with me”.  Today, Ashleigh is signing up for her High School classes…

I won’t allow it!  No way!  My baby girl is not allowed to grow up and go to High School, I am not going to let her.  That’s it, she is punished… Yeah, that will work!

Ashleigh and Mark at a Providence Bruins Game
Ashleigh and Daddy catching a P-Bruins game

I don’t think so.  I guess there is nothing that I can do to stop her from being the wonderful, beautiful, intelligent young woman that she is.

I look back over the years and it is incredible to see how she has grown and matured.  She has excelled in school and is going to be able to do anything that she wants in life.  Ashleigh is the type of young lady that does not accept failure.  She thought that she received a B in a class and was devastated (I would have done cartwheels myself).

I know over the next couple of years as she goes through her High School career that she is going to depend on Leigh-Ann and myself less and less.  She is going to want to spend more time going out with friends and, gulp, even boyfriends…  The days of trecking all over for softball, basketball, etc are going to become more far and few between and that she is going to be spreading her wings more and more.

Until that day comes, I can still enjoy the light kiss on the top of my head and the “I love you Daddy”.