Disney Bound

After six months of research, planning, price comparisons and frustrations we have finally booked our 2017 Disneyworld Vacation.  Each year, for Christmas we have a big gift that is for the entire family.  This year it is Disney.

We will be flying JetBlue from Providence (Warwick, if you are from Rhode Island) to Orlando and spending 7 full days at Pop Century with 7 days of Park Hopper Tickets bought from Undercover Tourist along with our Car Rental.

We will fly home on Southwest Airlines with a direct flight from Orlando to Providence.

This trip was incredibly difficult to setup and book due to the extremely large increase in the price of park tickets for Disneyworld.  Airline tickets are also incredibly expensive this year.  In years past, the airlines used the cost of fuel as the excuse for the high ticket prices.  Well, fuel is at one of the lowest prices it has been in almost 10 years, yet, I am paying the most I have ever paid for an airline ticket.  Disney, itself is ridiculous with the prices that they charge, we have come to expect that.  But with the cost of hotel and tickets this year, this may be the last time that me and my family are able to afford a visit to Disneyworld, which I find to be a shame.

With all that being said, I am glad that we were able to book this trip and be able to have this vacation for the whole family.  Before I know it, my girls will be going off to college, so I want to cherish any time that I am able to spend with them now.