Checking in

Published: December 15, 2014 by: admin

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. Things are getting real busy around the house with Christmas coming up. We’ve got just about everything done, just a few last minute gifts to pick up.
Christmas is a pretty big thing around here. The girls get real excited for Christmas and are waiting for Santa to come on Christmas morning. The thing that I find now is that rather than games and dolls the girls are more interested in the expensive electronic toys.
It is difficult to find the toys or gifts that they want. Leigh does an awesome job doing the Christmas shopping. I hate going to the stores myself and she makes life a lot easier for me. She’s done such a great job this year getting what the girls want. I think that they’re going to be very happy when they open their giftson Christmas morning.
We usually visit my in-laws on Christmas Eve, followed by Christmas eve mass at the church, and then stop at a house that has their Christmas lights synced up to music that you can hear your car radio.
Christmas is spent in our house so that the girls can play with all the gifts. Usually grandma and grandpa come over to visit to see what the girls have gotten. Then Leigh-Ann cooks a big dinner for the family.
This year we are going over to my sisters house the day after Christmas to celebrate with my family. It is been a few years since my family has gotten together for Christmas. It will be Nice to spend some time with them for the holidays.
If you’ve been following my YouTube videos, I’ve been showing the things that we have been doing for Christmas. If you continue to watch them you will see everything that we do and you will see my family in them also.

My family would like to wish you and your families the happiest and safest of holiday season and hope that Santa brings you everything that you wish for.

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