Channeling My Inner Bob Ross

Published: February 27, 2017 by: admin

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I started watching and enjoying the old “Joy of Painting” show on PBS starring Bob Ross.  My daughter Jessica was so amazed on how with a swoosh of his palette knife he could transform a blob of colors into a beautiful painting.

I had done some painting in the past using acrylic paints, but never with oils because I was told that they were very difficult to work with and very messy to clean.  Even with that, I had always wanted to try them.

I had promised Jessica that the next time that we were out that we could stop at one of the craft stores and see how much the supplies would cost.

This past weekend, the family was out shopping and there was a Michael’s Crafts in the parking lot.  Jessica and I decided to go in and see what the supplies were and how much.  Surprisingly, they were really not much more expensive than the acrylic

Forest River
This is a oil on canvas painting using the wet on wet technique.

supplies, so I purchased a starter kit, brushes, 2 palettes and other various supplies.

As a family, many times we have sat at the kitchen table and done one sort or another type of craft project, so Jess, Ashleigh and I decided to do some painting.  And do you know what happened?  I am hooked!  I loved it, it was so much fun.  I want to do another picture right away!  I am not sure if I used the paints properly, but I think my painting came out OK, at least for the first time.  A benefit that I have is that there are so many ways on the Internet that I am able to learn how to use different mediums and techniques.  I am learning what different mediums do and how to use them through videos and tutorials that are on YouTube.

I will be purchasing some more supplies this week and hope to be able to paint another image next weekend.