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Planning a Trip to Disney World

Hey everyone, we are starting out a new Blog here. We are going to chronicle the steps that we go through for planning our 2019 trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida. We will go through all of the steps that we take from planning hotel rooms, airfare, Planning meals, And more. We are planning

Welcome to Mark Plante’s Blog

Welcome to Mark Plante’s Blog. This blog is a collection of my family’s adventures and my own thoughts and stories. Nothing within this site is sugarcoated and is that of my own opinion. I make no apologies for what I post here and, at times, it may not be suitable for the feint of heart.

My Worst Job Ever!

Everyone’s had them. And some are still in them. I am talking about the worst job that you have ever had.  I’m talking about the type of job that you would think “why am I even here?” or “who would ever want this job”. Well, this is a little story about the worst job that

Trip planning, Our first failure

It is kind of disheartening when the very first thing I try to do in planning our 2020 trip to Orlando falls through. Let me set the stage.  We usually plan our vacations roughly six months in advance and what we do is based on the cost of airfare.  You see, we live in Rhode

Hamilton at Providence Performing Arts Center

The smash Broadway hit Hamilton opened at PPAC on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 to a sold-out theatre.  As matter of fact, the entire run at PPAC is completely sold out and has been for months. Luckily we were able to get tickets to the opening night performance. About the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) If

Red Sox Bats on Fire… Pitching, meh

The Red Sox offense had an explosive weekend during a four games set with the rival New York Yankees.  The Red Sox took it to the Yankees in the first game of the series with a 19-3 drubbing of the Bronx Bombers. Xander Bogaerts lead the charge with two home runs and four RBI.  He

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