ARCTIC FRONT | Taking a walk in January

Well, it’s January here in New England.  January is usually the coldest month of the year with major Arctic Fronts, but not this year, so far.  This Winter season has been much warmer than normal with temperatures in the 40’s.  Not bad seeing that in 2018 we had a low temperature of -7° on this day.  So with the temperatures being above normal, we have also yet to receive much snow.  Both of these factor do not break my heart. But it has been wet.  We have received quite a bit of rain since October and our rivers and streams are filled to their banks.  If we do get the larger snowstorms that we usually get in Mid-February, we could have some major flooding in this are come Springtime.

So being warm for the season and no snow on the ground, I decided to start doing my daily walks again. I had to stop doing my daily walks back at the end of October due to darkness.  You see, I live on a back country road with no sidewalks or streetlights.  Walking on my street in total darkness, you are basically taking your life in your own hands. So I stopped.

Today was different, sort of.  I headed out on my walk, but forgot that an Arctic Front was supposed to push through, and it did.

When I left my house, the sun was out and the temperature was 36°.  As I was about halfway to my destination, the clouds rolled in quickly with a roaring, bitter wind.  The Arctic Front was here, damn!  Within 5 minutes it felt as though the temperature had dropped about 15° and the wind was brutal.

I was able to finish my walk.  But my face and hands were frozen when I got home.

I learned a very valuable lesson today.  When doing anything outdoors in New England in January, make sure to check the weather forecast!