Dee Snider – Acoustic “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for Childhood Cancer

I normally do not post other people’s videos on my Blog, but this was such an emotional and strong video, I had to.  

Where is Spring?

Today is March 15th which means that we should be starting to plant flowers, reseeding our lawns and getting ready for the warmer weather. right? ┬áNot this year, as of the time that I am writing this blog post (1:49PM) it is a balmy 29┬░ outside and there is over a foot of snow on […]

Train Derailment in Providence

Here’s a new wrinkle into my dreadful morning commute into Providence, RI… A train derailment! Yup, you read it right. A train carrying 30,000 gallons of highly combustable ethanol jumped the tracks this morning (3/8/17) at 1:30am. The tanker car, which was one of approximately 60 cars that were on route to Worcester, MA, jumped […]