Early Spring is Tough in New England

Mother Nature can play some cruel tricks on those of us that live in New England.  In the past thirty days we have had just about any weather type that you could think of, rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, severe thunderstorms, freezing rain and an 80° day.  and that is all within the past 30 […]

Spring Snowstorm

Just as everyone is getting their yards ready for Spring.  Just as the Easter holiday is coming upon us.  Mother Nature has to let us know one last time that we got off easy this past Winter. Winter Storm Warnings were issued for Southeastern New England on Sunday, March 20th for Sunday evening and Monday […]

Podcast Episode 3: Will Youth Sports Survive?


Will the softening of American youth ruin the competitiveness of youth sports?

MPV Podcast #2

MPV Podcast

This week we discuss the Presidential Elections and some Red Sox Baseball

Welcome to MPV’s Podcast #1


Welcome to my first podcast.  Press play and let me know what you think.